Healthy Cat Food

Healthy cat food can make a huge difference in your cat's health. Healthy ingredients mean healthy food, and a varied diet helps prevent allergic reactions. Raw food and canned food is best for cats, but adding some high quality kibble to the diet has some advantages.

The Healthiest Ingredients

The best ingredients are closest to their natural state. That means that they are minimally processed and come from the earth, not a laboratory. The ingredients should be listed in a way that looks familiar. If the ingredient sounds like a chemical or something you wouldn't want to eat, it's probably not all that good for your cat. Look for whole ingredients listed simply as "chicken" or "lobster".

Ingredients to Avoid

There are many common ingredients that may be unhealthy or toxic. Cats don't need grains, corn and soy. These can slow down digestion and lead to allergies and obesity. A high mineral content in the food can cause urinary tract problems, because the mineral build up thickens the urine and can even obstruct the bladder.

Raw Food for Health

Raw cat food is one of the best ways to give your cat excellent nutrition with minimal calories. Raw food mimics what a cat would eat in the wild. Studies have shown that cats who eat raw food live longer and have less disease during their lives. Raw meat is safe for cats, because they can process the meat quickly. There are very few if any unwanted calories such as the ones your cat would receive from fillers or other unwanted ingredients. Cats who eat raw food are also less likely to develop allergies and urinary tract problems, because of the healthy ingredients and the hydration that even fresh water can't provide on its own.

How To Choose Healthy Canned Food or Kibble

Canned food is a good second choice to raw food, and kibble also has some benefits. Look for foods that have healthy whole ingredients, a low mineral content and lean meat as the primary ingredient. Canned food provides important moisture, while kibble can help fight plaque on the teeth and problems with the gums. The best canned food or kibble is natural, with whole ingredients. Cat food from a grocery store is most often of much lower quality than what you might find in a pet store. Ask your vet and other pet owners which pet stores have the best selection of healthy, natural foods for cats.

Healthy Treats

Cat treats can help with training and bonding between owner and cat, but some treats are healthier than others. A hard treat will help with dental hygeine. A treat should have whole natural ingredients and should be made up of protein. Avoid treats that have any of the unwanted ingredients listed above.

Balance of Ingredients in Healthy Cat Food

Cats mainly need lean protein for their optimal nutrition. Cats shouldn't have a formula with a high amount of grains, fillers or chemicals. The first ingredient should be a whole meat listed simply as "chicken".