Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food

The best dry dog food contains the best quality ingredients. In the wild, dogs are carnivores. Many commercial dog foods contain large amounts of grain and fillers that are not necessary or healthy for your dog.

Meat Should Be Primary Ingredient

When making your choice, read the labels carefully. The first ingredient should be a named meat like chicken or lamb. If the first ingredient is a grain, pass on the food. Wet dog food offers better hydration for your dog; if your pet is prone to constipation, canned may be a better choice than dry.

Whenever you purchase dog food, look for an expiration or sell-by date. Fresh dog food offers better nutrition and there have been cases of toxic fungal contamination in spoiled dog food.

Common Food Allergens

Corn, wheat and soy are common allergens. If your dog is showing signs of a food allergy, purchase foods that contain rice as the primary grain. Food allergy symptoms in dogs include itchy skin and watery eyes.

Questionable Preservatives

Avoid foods that contain chemical preservatives ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT or Propyl Gallate. These ingredients can cause adverse reactions in some dogs. Choose foods preserved with Vitamin E instead.