How Health Conscious Owners Buy Dog Food

When it's time to buy dog food, get out your reading glasses. The ingredient label on the bag or can is the place to begin your search for the best dog food. Where you buy your pet food-the grocery store, specialty store or online-doesn't matter as long as your know you are getting quality ingredients.

When you look at the bag, you will probably see an image of a happy, glossy-coated dog or a delicious-looking slab of beef. Enjoy the picture, but turn the bag over. The important information is on the back.

First Check for Meat as Primary Ingredient

The first item on the list of ingredients should be a named meat like chicken or lamb. Some suitable foods contain chicken meal as the primary ingredient-meals are not as good as a single meat, but they are preferable to any kind of grain as the primary ingredient.

Next Ensure There Are No Chemical Preservatives

Moving down the label, look for healthy preservatives like vitamin E (mixed tocopherols). Avoid foods that contain chemical preservatives ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT or Propyl Gallate. These ingredients can cause adverse reactions in some dogs.

Also Avoid Allergens in Pet Food

Corn, wheat and soy are common allergens. A healthy food will contain rice as the primary grain.

Whether you buy your dog food online or at a local store, be sure to buy in a quantity you will use within a month. Store is properly to avoid spoilage.