What Is the Best Feline Immune Support Supplement for Cats?

Feline immune support is crucial to pet's well being as the immune system works as a natural defense to ward off infections, fight bacteria and protect the cat against harmful viruses. Kittens in particular have low immune system functioning and are susceptible to life-threatening diseases. Although a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals boosts the pet's immune system, pet owners often prefer to use supplements to enhance immunity. It's necessary to choose good quality supplements and follow up with proper diet and exercise to maintain the cat's overall health.

Importance of Health Supplements

Although administration of health supplements is not mandatory, they help protect vital organs and eliminate toxins that are present in the body. Natural health supplements are preferred as they have reduced side-effects and are easily absorbed by the body. In order to choose the appropriate supplement, it's best to conduct a vet check to rule out underlying diseases and select supplements that promote healing and immunity.

Function of Supplements

In order to provide cat's with a nutritional supplement that benefits various parts of the cat's body, it's necessary to read package labels and choose supplements that are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, biotin, vitamins and minerals. Each supplement performs a specific function that addresses ailments such as gastrointestinal disorders, abnormal cell growth, urinary tract infections and respiratory diseases. 

Guidelines to Choose the Best Nutritional Supplement

  • Discuss with the vet underlying health issues that require health supplements. After careful evaluation of the pet's medical history, the vet will determine the type of supplements that benefit the cat.
  • Read package instructions and enquire about the side-effects of supplements. Natural supplements are known to have fewer side-effects in comparison to those that contain chemicals.
  • Since some supplements trigger drug interactions, it's important to consider the reaction of any health supplement to prescribed medication that's administered to the cat.
  • In order to prevent vitamin toxicity, it's best to prevent the use of several supplements at once, unless otherwise directed by the vet.
  • Since the nutritional needs vary in cat's suffering from diabetes or arthritis and senior pet's its necessary to evaluate the cat's current health condition to choose a supplement that cures health concerns.

Herbal Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals that Support Immune System

  • Echinacea root
  • Thymus extract
  • Vitamins A, E and C
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Commercially Available Supplements to Support the Feline Immune System

  • Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener
  • Pet Naturals immune support for cats
  • Resources feline immune system support
  • Cellular forte max3
  • Vetri-science vetri-dmg

It's important to read and follow package instructions before administering any supplement to cats. Daily supplementation helps to keep harmful bacteria from attacking the immune system and causing death. Pet owners with two or more pets should also prevent administering the same health supplement to all pet's as, the dietary and nutritional requirement differs in individual cats.

A healthy immune system is essential to the pet's long life. Supplements that support the immune system after surgeries, traumas or fatal diseases speed up recovery and makeup for essential nutrients that aren't present in regular food.