Natural Supplements for Cats

Supplements for cats can be used as a means of treatment for an ailment, or as a preventative measure over their health. Some cats might not require the assistance of medication to treat their condition. However, they do require some form of treatment. This is where natural supplements for cats can be especially useful.

Natural Supplements for Cats

A natural supplement is a remedy that uses naturally grown ingredients rather than processed chemicals to aid the performance of a particular body function. Typically, natural supplements for cats are used as a general preventative measure. On some occasions, supplements will be used in lieu of medication if the condition is not serious, and if treatment does not warrant the use of medication. The main purpose in using a natural supplement is to prevent the breakdown of particular systems within the body, and ensure quality nutrition in your cat.

What Natural Ingredients Can Protect

The foundation for natural supplements is that there are several natural ingredients that have healing abilities. Here is a look at a variety of ingredients and what they are able to protect against:

  • Milk thistle: Treats diseases of the liver
  • Garlic: A treatment for infection and sometimes cancer
  • Echinacea: Supports immune function in cases of debilitated or ill-functioning immune systems
  • Red clover: A diuretic, used in cases of cancer to clean the blood
  • German chamomile: An herbal sedative, used to calm and relax cats without medication

Natural Cat Supplements Available

A variety of products are available for cat owners. Because natural supplements can help to avoid potentially harmful conditions, many cat owners have turned to supplements as part of a daily vitamin regimen. Here are some of the products that are available:

  • Longlife Supplement for Cats
  • Brewers Yeast for Cats
  • Grass Gel for Cats
  • Biotin Supplemental Powder for Cats
  • Derm Caps for Cats
  • Barley Cat
  • Vitacal

All of these supplements are made to promote or enhance a particular feature or system in your cat.

Cost of Natural Supplements

Natural supplements for cats are surprisingly inexpensive for the cat owner. Most people think of natural as meaning expensive. However, with supplements, that's not always the case. A bottle of Brewers Yeast for Cats can be purchased for only $10. Barley for Cats averages at $15 a bottle, while Biotin Supplemental Powder for Cats is about $20. For the amount of nutritional value that these supplements offer, the cost is relatively low.

Benefits of Natural Supplements

Cats have nutritional requirements that are essential for muscle growth and formation, a healthy hair coat and normal body functions. While many of the needed vitamins and nutrients can be obtained from a high quality diet, natural supplements are an effective aid to a high quality diet. By promoting healthy functions within the body, such as the urinary tract, digestive system and immune system, natural supplements can prevent unwanted conditions from developing.