Guidelines for Choosing the Best Pet Pharmacy

When getting a cat or a dog, you will also have to find the best pet pharmacy, so that you know where to call when your pet needs medication or supplements. When choosing the pharmacy for your pet, you may consider a few factors such as location, prices or how qualified and friendly the staff is.

Staff Qualification

The staff working at the pharmacy may or may not be certified. You should ask, because certified pet pharmacists can be more helpful, especially when you get over the counter drugs. Make sure that the pharmacy has at least one qualified person on the staff on call at all times. However, remember that the advice of a qualified pet pharmacist should never replace the recommendations of a veterinarian.

Available Products

Some pet pharmacies may not have all the products prescribed by your vet, and this means you need to find one that will provide all that your pet needs. Check whether they have drugs from several manufacturers, and see if you have a wide choice of over the counter drugs.

Location and Convenience

The location of the pharmacy is a factor that you can consider. The best pet pharmacy for you may be one that is conveniently located near your neighborhood.

You may also look for online pharmacies, which are within a few clicks away and you can have the drugs delivered at your home. However, consider the fact that the shipping can be expensive and can take a few days. Also, most prescription medication cannot be purchased online.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation of the pharmacy you choose should be convenient for you, as otherwise you won't be able to get the products the pet needs in time. Pharmacies that are open late or even during nighttime are preferred, even though they may charge more for the products.

Online stores are open day in day out, but you have to order ahead of time, so that the pet gets his drugs when these are needed.


Many pet owners consider prices when it comes to selecting the best pet pharmacy. While prices are significant, it is equally important to consider other additional factors as well when deciding on the best pharmacy.

Consider all these factors and in addition, you may also talk to your vet, to see if he recommends a pet pharmacy in your area. Talk to other pet owners in the park or while your pet is training, so that you get their opinion as well. It's important to choose a good pharmacy that you can rely on, so that your pet will always get the best of care and treatment when this is needed.

You may select two or more pharmacies or make a list of preferences and use it whenever you need to get medicine for your pet. Make sure you have a pharmacy that is open late on your list, for any emergency situations.