Cairn Terrier Grooming Tips

Cairn terrier grooming is important for your dog’s looks, but also for his health and hygiene. Most people groom their dogs for appearance, but it is important to remember that grooming your pet will prevent him from developing medical conditions, keeps him neat and prevents bad smells around you dog.

Bathing Your Cairn

One might think that bathing is the most appropriate way to keep the dog clean and odor free. Bathing your Cairn frequently could do more damage than good; it is only recommended when there is something that cannot be brushed out from your dog’s coat. Chemicals in shampoo and other cleaning substances damage your dog’s skin and coat and remove natural oils which protect them.

If you do resort to bathing, be careful when choosing the shampoo for your dog. Remember that human shampoo or shampoos which contain softeners or rinses are bad for your Cairn’s skin and coat.

Grooming the Coat

The Cairn’s coat needs brushing and combing frequently: it is good to do this twice a week. You can also rub his coat with a dump towel and get the coat clipped every now and then.

Nails Clipping in Cairns

Usually your dog’s nails wear out from the contact with the rough surfaces he walks on. But given that Cairns usually spend most of their time indoors, you should pay attention to how much their nails grow.

If you let the nails grow too long they cause a discomfort when the dog walks and may also give back pain. Uncut nails might curve and grow into the pads. If you cannot cut the nails yourself, ask a professional groomer to do it.

Cleaning the Teeth

Plaque, tartar and gum diseases are problems for dogs as well. Hard rubbers and nylon toys can keep your dog’s teeth clean if chewed constantly. However, ask your veterinarian to check your pet’s teeth whenever you go for a general check-up and clean them if necessary. Few owners clean their dog’s teeth themselves: you can have a veterinarian or a professional groomer do it for you.

Hair Cutting

The hair on your dog’s forehead shouldn’t hide his eyes, so it will need to be cut.

While trimming your dog’s hair, look for any foreign matter in the eyes or for any signs that your dog might have an eye condition. The hair on the tail is usually trimmed so that it has a cone shape. You should take a look at the skin on the tail when clipping the hair. Cairns have a predisposition for skin diseases which usually start in the tail.

Grooming the feet is important for the dog’s appearance. However, cutting the hair which grows between the pads also contributes to your dog’s comfort.

Ears Cleaning

Besides grooming the ears for proper appearance by cutting the hair, it is also important to check them for wax deposits. Wax and dirt should be removed by swabbing the ear with mineral oil.