Dogs Grooming Tips for Beginners

Dogs grooming is important both for the health and for the looks of your pet. A good hygiene is of great importance, and the dog cannot groom himself as cats do. There are professional dog groomers that can take good care of your dog, but if you would rather do it yourself, you can try a few simple grooming techniques.

Dogs Grooming Tips for Beginners

Grooming your dog is not that difficult, especially if you have the right tools for it. You will need:

  • A soft-bristled brush for grooming the dog's coat.  
  • Clippers and trimmers, brushes and combs assist you with trimming his coat
  • A good dog shampoo will help with cleaning your dog's coat.

Check your dog's ears regularly for infections or fleas and clean them with cotton balls, water and mineral oil. Nails also have to be clipped, especially for dogs that live indoors. You should consider cleaning his teeth twice a week. There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs. It is important that you start grooming your dog while he's still a puppy, so that he can get used to the process and make your job easier.

Brushing and Combing Your Dog

Brushing and combing your dog's coat helps remove dead skin, dirt, loose hair and helps removing the matted fur. If you have a short hair breed dog, your job is much easier since you can just rub him with a towel or a moist sponge. However, long hair breeds need extra care and combing is necessary on a daily basis, especially when the dog is shedding. In wire-coated breeds, hand plucking is recommended twice a year. When combing your dog, pay attention to the area around the eyes and ears.  

Bathing Your Dog

The frequency of bathing your dog depends on the breed and on his individual needs. For this you should consult your veterinarian. Washing is important because it:

  • Cleans the dog
  • Eliminates dirt and parasites
  • Oxygenates the skin and prevents matted hair
  • Gives shine to the coat

When bathing your dog, use only shampoos and cleaning products specially designed for dogs. After the bath, comb your dog's hair to prevent it from getting tangled. Towel dry or use a hairdryer to dry the hair, and make sure the hair close to the skin is dry. Long hair breeds require bathing every month, while for short hair breeds, bathing once every 2 months is enough.

Clipping Nails

A dog's nails are different in shape from human nails and are much stronger, so you need a special nail trimmer to cut your dog's nails. Remember that dogs have a quick area that has nerves and blood vessels. Be careful not to cut into it, since will will cause bleeding and will be extremely painful. The quick area is usually dark pink, but in breeds with dark colored nails it is hardly visible. It is better to make several small cuts to avoid harming your dog.