5 Tips for Calming a Hyper Dog

A hyper dog usually wants attention, and if you give it to him, you will reinforce the behavior.

Jumping, barking, pawing and grabbing are all part of normal dog behavior, but when your dog is the one in charge of the situation (deciding when to start and when to stop) you've got a control problem. Left unchecked, these hyper canine behaviors can lead to a decline in your relationship with your dog, and can possibly lead to aggression.

Tips to Control Hyperactive Behaviors

  1. Do not encourage bad behavior. Pushing a jumping dog can be interpreted as play. If your dog is jumping, nudging or pawing, cross your arms and ignore him.
  2. Avoid overly emotional greetings and partings. When you get home put your things (keys, jacket, etc.) away and let your dog settle down a bit. Then greet him.
  3. Do not play tug-of-war or any other game you cannot win.
  4. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. It will improve overall dog health, burn off excess energy and encourage good behavior.
  5. Attend a local dog training class to learn basic commands and control.