Dealing with Cancer: Dog Diet Recommendations

More than half of all dogs will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. However, with the proper cancer dog diet, your dog can live a normal life. A diet full of proper nutrients can really help your dog to build strength. Foods to Avoid Cancer cells tend to thrive upon carbohydrates and sugars. Thus, feeding your dog a diet high in grains and sugar vegetables should be avoided. Instead, look for foods that include large amounts of protein. The Importance of Good Protein While almost all kinds of dog food contain some amount of protein, it is important to pay attention to the ingredient list on the back of a dog food package. Protein should never be listed as "meat protein." Instead, look for specific ingredients such as "chicken protein" or "lamb protein." Wet Instead of Dry Food Dry dog foods generally contain a large amount of carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates should be avoided, it is best to look for a wet dog food. Wet foods that are packed with protein are the best option for a cancer dog diet.