Canine Diabetes Food

There are many reasons to give your dog a special diet, and one of the most common special foods you can find is diabetes food. Diabetes is a disease that affects the endocrine system and is brought forth by a shortage of insulin. The hormone tells the body how to regulate sugar throughout the body. It is simple to manage with your dog, and to help you out there are many special diet foods made  for dogs that are affected by diabetes. A special diet is a critical part of keeping your pet in good health, and there are many brands and flavors to choose from.

Purina DCO Diabetes and Colitis Canine Formula

This special diabetes formula dog food contains complete nutritional values for an adult dog that suffers from diabetes. It was made to bring a high amount of carbohydrates, an increase in fiber, a natural amount of dietary fat and energy-producing calories as well as including a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids into your dog's diet.

Royal Canine Veterinary Diet TM/MC Canine Diabetic HF

This product prides itself in bringing high levels of dietary fiber, no simple sugars and a small fat content. It is a complete and balanced food for adult dogs who suffer from diabetes.

Hill's Canine W/D

Not only does this specially formulated dog food help manage the downsides of canine diabetes, but it also has special ingredients to help control and manage weight. It has a fiber rich formula which is the perfect ingredient for your dog. There are other fiber-related afflictions that this special diet formula was created to soothe and relieve which include colitis, mellitus, constipation, diarrhea and urolithiasis, as well as weight control.

Not only are there specific diet foods to help keep your dog's diabetes in control, but there are certain things that you can look for in a food as well. One of the best things you can give your pet in a food is fiber, because it eases the process of digesting complex carbohydrates. The carbohydrates themselves help to lower to glucose levels in blood. It is normal for your dog's glucose levels to skyrocket after a meal, and by choosing a diet that is loaded with fiber you can decrease the peak in blood sugar.

Just because a package of dog food says it is meant for those with diabetes it does not mean it is right for your pet. Be sure to consult your veterinarian before changing your dog's diet, to be sure to give him the best food to keep him healthy. There are different kinds of diabetes as well, and it is necessary to find out which one your pet suffers from in order to give him the most balanced diet possible. Using the wrong food could make your dog's condition worse. For instance, canned food can either be the perfect food or the worst food when dealing with diabetes.