Prescription Dog Food for Allergies

If your dog has allergies, a special dog food for allergies from your veterinarian’s office may help alleviate some of his clinical signs. Let’s look at what prescription products are available to help your dog feel better.

Hill’s Pet Products

Hill’s Pet Products offers Prescription Diets in several formulas to help dogs with allergies. These include d/d diets for dermatological problems and z/d diets for specific food allergy issues. Both formulations are designed to help dogs with allergies through specialized ingredient choices. The d/d diets feature unique protein and carbohydrate sources, while the z/d diets feature hydrolyzed proteins and carbohydrates that are designed not to cause an allergic reaction in sensitive pets.

Canned products include d/d Duck Formula Canine, d/d Lamb Formula Canine, d/d Potato and Duck Formula Canine, d/d Salmon Formula Canine, d/d Venison Formula Canine and z/d Ultra Allergen-Free Formula Canine.

Dry foods include d/d Potato and Salmon Formula Canine, d/d Potato and Duck Formula Canine, d/d Potato and Venison Formula Canine, d/d Rice and Egg Canine, z/d Low Allergen Formula Canine and z/d Ultra Allergen-Free Formula Canine.


The Iams Company offers Veterinary Formulas Skin and Coat Response diets in two formulations—fish and potato, and kangaroo and oat—to provide unique protein sources for adult dogs with food allergies. The diets are formulated with novel protein and carbohydrate sources to minimize allergic reactions in sensitive dogs. They also contain vital fatty acids to help a dog’s skin and coat.

The FP (fish and potato) variety is available in both canned and dry formulas, while the KO (kangaroo and oat) is available in dry form only.

Purina Veterinary Diet

Purina Veterinary Diet offers the HA Canine Formula, which provides hydrolyzed protein and low-allergen carbohydrates in a dry vegetarian diet.

HA Canine Formula is designed as both an adult maintenance and a puppy growth diet to meet the needs of dogs at all life stages.

Purina Veterinary Diet also offers the DRM Canine Formula for dogs with allergic dermatitis. This diet features salmon meal, trout and brewer’s rice as unique protein and carbohydrate sources, and it also contains fatty acids to help repair a dog’s damaged skin.

Royal Canin USA

The Royal Canin brand of dog diets offers several diets for allergic dogs, including Hypoallergenic HP, which is a hydrolyzed protein diet that is formulated to reduce the chances of it causing a reaction in allergic puppies or adult dogs.

The company also offers the limited ingredient diets Potato and Duck Formula, Potato and Duck Formula Light, Potato and Rabbit Formula, Potato and Venison Formula, Potato and Venison Large Breed Limited Formula and Potato and Whitefish Formula. These products are available in dry and canned varieties and are designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs with food allergies.