Canine Shampoo Products for Dog Flaky Skin Treatment

If you have a dog with flaky skin, you can help his condition by using a special canine shampoo. To choose the best canine shampoo products for a dog with skin problems, look for certain attributes in the product. These will include how the shampoo interacts with the dog's skin in addition to specific ingredients. Between the right shampoo and some changes in bathing practices and diet, you can minimize the discomfort of flaky dog skin.  

Bathing Changes

If your dog has flaky skin, bathing him too often can lead to too much dryness and irritation. Some bathing, however, is important in treating the skin and can alleviate discomfort. Experiment with the schedule that seems to work best for your dog. Once a month is a good rule of thumb for an adult dog with flaky skin. 

Adding conditioner to your routine is very helpful for a dog with flaky skin. The conditioner can help replace some of the oils that you washed away while shampooing. Look for a conditioner that has mango, calendula, kava extract, wheat protein, and omega 3s and fatty acids. Vitamin A is also a good skin nutrient.

Shampoo Attributes

There are several attributes of certain shampoos that will help your dog's flaky skin. Flaky skin is often due to an insufficient amount of certain oils that other dogs have in their skin. These oils prevent and counteract flakiness. The right canine shampoo for a dog with flaky skin will have ingredients that will re-hydrate the skin. It will also have ingredients that claim to reduce flaking and remove scales. You also want to see on the label that there are ingredients that dogs find soothing.

Helpful Ingredients

Here are some ingredients to look for in canine shampoo. Oatmeal is a good base for a shampoo to soothe and rehydrate. Tea tree naturally fights bacteria that can cause flaky, dry skin. Other good ingredients include kiwi, papaya, vitamin E, allantoin, shea butter and panthenol. Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory. 

Dietary Changes to Decrease Flaky Skin

Flaky skin in a dog is often an indication of a digestive problem or food allergy. You can try eliminating certain foods that tend to be allergenic such as chicken, corn and for some dogs, lamb and other poultry. Some dogs respond best to buffalo and venison for their protein source. Decreasing the glycemic index of the food by getting formulas with less rice and sweet vegetables may help. Many dogs with flaky skin improve when slowly switched to a biologically appropriate raw food diet.