Dog Skin Health Maintenance

The dog skin health is important for the overall health of the dog. An unhealthy skin can also lead to dull coat and excessive flakiness, which can cause allergies in more sensitive owners. The dog’s skin can be maintained through regular brushing, preventing skin parasites, cleaning, bathing and administering a proper diet or supplements.

Regular Brushing

A regular brushing will help maintaining the skin healthy. There are several essential oils that are produced by the skin and these need to be spread over the skin and the coat of the dog. If the essential oils are not spread, the skin can be dry and itchy and may also be prone to infections; the coat will also have a dull appearance.

During the brushing, you can also observe if there are any wounds, skin infections, parasites or suspect lumps that could endanger the dog’s health.

Keep Parasites Away

Parasites such as fleas can cause the skin to be excessively dry and flaky or irritated. You should invest in a few preventive flea products such as a flea collar or anti flea powders or shampoos.

You may also try to avoid contact with other canines that are infected with fleas, if possible.

If you notice fleas in your pet, you should consult a vet immediately, so that you can eliminate these as soon as possible.

Cleaning with a Moist Cloth

As bathing may not be performed on a daily or weekly basis, you should still maintain your dog’s skin clean. Cleaning the dog’s skin with a damp cloth or a sponge will remove the dust, dirt and other possible impurities from his coat.

Doing this you will also prevent the occurrence of allergies, as some allergens penetrate the dog’s system through the skin pores.


Bathing can be performed once per month or more often, depending on your dog’s breed and type of hair.

It is essential to choose suitable cleaning products and shampoos. Certain shampoos can cause severe irritation and dry the dog’s skin.

Rinsing is also important; leaving traces of shampoo can irritate or dry your dog’s skin and he will shed more dandruff.

Diet and Supplements

In order to maintain your dog’s skin healthy, the diet must also be balanced and contain the essential nutrients. A diet that is deficient in fats or proteins may cause a dry, flaky skin.

Supplements of omega 3 and 9 fatty acids can have a lot of benefits for the dog’s skin. Vitamin E may also be administered, but check with the vet first.

Visit the Vet

If you notice that your pet’s skin is too oily or too dry, you should visit the vet for a routine checkup, as the dog may have a thyroid problem (i.e. hypo or hyperthyroidism).

Also, if you notice that your pet is scratching excessively, you should let your vet know, as the itchiness can be indicative of a skin infection that should be treated.