Caring for Blind Dogs: An Owner's Guide

Living with blind dogs can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Setting up your home and adopting some new habits will give him a happy and fulfilled life both inside and outside your house.

Setting Up Your Home For Blind Dogs

  • Using textured rugs or carpets and scents can help blind dogs find their way around the house. They will learn to associate the touch and scent with rooms and recognize where they are and where they want to go.
  • Once your dog has moved in and knows the layout of your house, try to keep furniture and rugs in the same spots and the floors clear of any obstacles.
  • Putting bells on the collars of any other pets in your home will alert your blind dog of their presence.

Important Habits For Owners

  • Don't pick up your dog to carry him to his food or up the stairs; this can be confusing and he must learn on his own.
  • Be careful not to startle the dog if you approach him from behind or while he's sleeping. Let guests and children know they have to be cautious. It can help if guests let the dog sniff their hand before
  • petting him.
  • Keeping talking to your blind dog often to comfort and guide him with positive encouragement. Use your own consistent set of verbal commands.

Taking Blind Dogs Outside Your Home

  • On walks and in crowded areas put a bandana on your dog that says 'I'm blind' to alert strangers of his condition.
  • Always use a harness when going outdoors and to new places.