Safety Tips for Living with a Blind Dog

Caring for a blind dog may be a more difficult task, as you will need to place a few safety items to make sure your pet won’t get injured. Even if your pet will be able to adjust to a life with no vision, relying on his other senses, you will need to help your pet.

Indoors Safety Measures

Your pet may often bump into things in the home, as it will take a while for him to get used to the layout of the house and learn how to get around without bumping into furniture.

Place foam pads on the corners of all your furniture, which will prevent severe injuries if your pet bumps into the furniture.

Keep the furniture in the same position and don’t change the layout of the room, to allow the blind dog to get accustomed to his surroundings. Don’t leave objects on the floor, especially objects that may be sharp or hot and could injure your dog. If you leave objects your dog is not used to having in the room, he will most certainly stumble on them.

You should also make sure your dog doesn’t have to climb up and down stairs, as these can be very dangerous.

Outdoors Time

A blind dog will want to go out in the yard, so you will have to make sure the yard is safe also. Don’t leave devices such as lawn mowers or other dangerous items.

Clean your yard, so that the dog won’t ingest various items that may be toxic or carry diseases.

Don’t use pesticides that can be toxic for your pet.

If you have a pool or you go to a pool your dog will have to be supervised carefully, as he can accidentally fall into the pool and the swimming may exhaust the dog, while he may also have a difficult time finding his way out of the pool. You may put a fence around your pool.

Special Care

Your dog will lose his sight, but in time, he will develop his sense of smell and hearing better, but you will have to focus on helping him.

Make sure the food has a powerful flavor, so that the dog will be able to find it, guided by his sense of smell. You may have to guide your pet in the direction of the food, otherwise he may not eat for days. You should also help your pet find the water bowl. Put some lemon in the water, which will give the water an aroma the dog will be able to detect from a distance.

You should also offer extra attention to your pet, as he may be disoriented after having lost his vision. Offering him support will help him get used to the new situation more easily. A blind dog can be a happy dog, but you will play an important role in keeping him happy.