10 Tips for Living with Blind Dogs

Living with blind dogs can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Try these tips for bringing a blind dog home, helping him find his way around, socializing the dog and going outdoors.

  1. Try not to move any furniture around once your dog has grown accustomed to the layout of your home and keep floors clear.
  2. You may want to cushion sharp corners on furniture and cabinets.
  3. Use textured rugs to help your dog recognize certain areas of the house.
  4. Scents are also a great way to mark 'zones' in your home, like the bottom or top of stairs or door openings. Use the same scent for all safe areas and something different for dangerous spots.
  5. Avoid picking up a blind dog to bring him to his food or a toy of his; this can be confusing and he needs to learn on his own.
  6. Put bells on other pets to alert your blind dog of their presence.
  7. Talk to your blind dog often to comfort and guide him with positive encouragement. Set up your own voice commands and be consistent with them.
  8. Be careful not to startle the dog when you approach him and also teach guests and small children to be cautious. A dog might snap at someone who startles him from behind or while he sleeps. New
  9. people should allow the dog to smell their hand before petting him.
  10. Use a harness when outside with your dog, especially when going to new areas.
  11. Consider a bandana or marker to put on your dog that says 'I'm blind' to alert others of your dog's condition.