Cat Allergy Treatment Shots

A cat allergy treatment may be made up of traditional medications, injections or natural remedies. The allergy shots are considered the most effective type of treatment for allergies in felines, as they can provide full or partial allergy relief. The effects will be more durable than the effects of antihistamines or steroids, which only provide temporary allergy relief. Even if the treatment will be administered over several months or even years, the effects will be visible and the allergies will be diminished.

Cat Allergy Shots

Cat allergy shots are used in the treatment and management of allergies.

The cat allergy shots are made up of different compounds that include the allergen. It is important to find the allergen for this purpose. The allergen will be injected in low, diluted doses, which are very low at the beginning of the treatment and will be increased each month.

At the beginning of the treatment, the cat will receive a shot every week and then, bi-monthly shots will be administered, followed by monthly shots. If the cat starts feeling better and experiencing fewer allergic reactions, he may only need a booster shot once every 3 or 6 months. 

In time, the cat should start developing immunity to the allergens that irritate him.

Allergy Shots Side Effects

The allergy shots don’t have major side effects. At the beginning of the treatment, the pet may experience allergic reactions after the shots are administered. Typically, these allergic reaction will be rashes and swelling at the injection site.

Allergy Shots Effectiveness

About 75% of cats that have inhalant allergies and receive allergy shots respond well to the treatment. The remaining percentage will not experience any improvement and will not develop immunity against the allergens.

The responsive cats will gradually have fewer allergic reactions when exposed to the allergen. In up to 5% of cats that receive allergy shots, a full recovery is possible, but only if the treatment is administered for at least 1 year. It takes the body over 12 months to build up immunity to the allergens. However, in most cases, the cat will experience fewer allergic reactions or the allergic reactions will not be as strong as before the treatment.

The allergy shots may be used in pets that develop serious allergies (i.e. anaphylactic shock).

Allergy shots may be combined with steroids, antihistamines or immune system support supplements.

Allergy Shots Disadvantages

Even if this type of treatment may cure or drastically reduce allergy symptoms, the allergy shots have a few shortcomings.

The disadvantages of cat allergy treatment shots will include:

  • The treatment has to be administered for at least 3 months for the cat to start developing immunity and experience fewer symptoms
  • The allergy shots will not be effective in felines with food allergies or contact allergies. Allergy shots may only be used in cats with diagnosed inhalant allergies.
  • The treatment is not 100% effective