Is There a Cure for Allergies to Dogs?

Many pet owners want to know if there is a cure for allergies. A dog with allergies is very likely to suffer from this condition during his entire life and if help is not given, the condition can worsen and the dog can also develop allergies to other factors as well. There is no medication to cure the allergies, but there are a few possible treatments that can alleviate the symptoms and offer immunity support.

Short Term Remedies

The short term remedies such as steroids or antihistamines are not a cure for dogs with allergies, as these will only control the symptoms while administered.

The dog will not be allergic as long as he gets his medication. If the medication is discontinued, the dog will start developing allergic symptoms again.

It is possible to keep the dog under medication during his entire life, but the medications can have side effects. If the side effects are severe (i.e. liver damage) the dog will have to discontinue the medication.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are a treatment option chosen more and more by vets, due to the fact that these shots may improve the condition of allergic dogs.

The shots are prepared for each dog in part, mixing the allergen(s) in a solution that will be injected first on a weekly basis and then on a monthly basis. The injection will contain various concentrations of the allergen: at the beginning of the treatment the solution will be very weak, while the injection will be more concentrated as the treatment progresses.

This will train the dog’s immune system to be less sensitive when the allergens are met.

The immunization shots have to be administered for at least 3 months before any results are seen. The dog will have fewer symptoms and in rare cases, a full cure is possible.

The allergy shots may only be used in dogs that have inhalant allergies or parasite allergies. If the dog is affected by food or contact allergies, the allergy shots cannot be used, as they won’t be effective.

It is also important to detect the culprit allergen, so that the injections can be prepared. If the allergen is not detected, allergy shots cannot be administered.

Allergy shots may not produce any improvement in around 25%.

Immunity Support

The symptoms of allergies occur as an immune system response. Only dogs with a deficient immune system will have allergies.

Accordingly, by offering immune system support to a dog with a weaker immune system may work in diminishing the allergy symptoms. There are numerous vitamins and supplements to support the immune system and there are also dietary and lifestyle changes that can be done to increase the dog’s immunity. Even if these will not provide a complete cure for allergies, the dog will have milder allergy symptoms and this will make a great difference in the pet’s life quality.