Cat Bathing without Water: Using Cat Bath Wipes

Cat bath wipes can come in handy when it comes to keeping your pet clean, as cats are renowned for not being bath or water enthusiasts. A cat keeps himself clean by grooming his skin and coat with his tongue, but this may not always be enough. He may be reluctant to taking baths, so you will have to use alternative techniques to maintain his skin and coat healthy.

Cat Cleaning

Cats use their tongue to remove debris and various particles from the skin and coat. The tongue of a cat is abrasive and does a good job cleaning and spreading the essential oils. For this reason, a healthy cat that performs his own grooming regularly will not necessarily need a bath or maybe just 1 bath per year.

Cats are also known to dislike interacting water, so if your cat cannot groom himself and refuses to be bathed, you will need to use alternative cleaning methods.

Using Cat Bath Wipes

The cat bath wipes are an alternative solution to bathing the cat. The bath wipes have the effect of a bath, but without water.

The cat will typically tolerate the bath wipes, as he will feel these as a gentle massage.

The wipes will freshen up the cat’s coat and spread the skin oils on the coat, so that it will be shiny and healthy.

Recommendations for Cat Bath Wipes

Even if a healthy cat can take care of his own bathing and grooming, in certain cases, you will need to bathe him or use bath wipes.

The bath wipes may be recommended in the following situations:

  • The cat is obese and has difficulties reaching and cleaning certain areas of skin. If you fail to clean the cat, he may be prone to various skin infections caused by bacteria or fungi.
  • The cat’s fur is very dirty and he has difficulties removing the dirt himself.
  • The cat is sick and unable to perform the grooming.
  • The cat has a skin infection and the self grooming should be avoided.
  • The cat has a lamp shade collar (i.e. she has a wound or a bandage that needs to be protected) and cannot groom himself.
  • The cat has fleas or other external parasites.
  • The cat’s coat has toxic chemicals that need to be removed immediately, before the cat starts licking himself and ingesting the toxic material.

The bath wipes may be used on healthy cats that may perform their own grooming as well.

Cat Bath Wipes Use Frequency

The cat bath wipes shouldn’t be used too frequently, as you will remove the cat’s essential oils from the skin and the skin can become dry.

Use the wipes once per day only or even less frequently.

If the cat has an allergic reaction to the bath wipes, you should switch to a different type of bath wipes or eliminate the bath wipes altogether and opt for baths.