Dog Bathing Frequency

Dog bathing frequency will be determined by several factors, the most important being the breed of the dog. Certain dogs that have longer coats may require more frequent baths, while others may do well on just a few baths per year.

Factors Determining Bathing Frequency

The bathing frequency is not the same for all dogs. There are a few factors that determine the frequency of the baths:

  • The breed, as some dogs produce more skin oils and the skin needs to be cleaned
  • The length of hair; longer haired dogs may require more frequent baths, as the fur can gather a lot of dirt

Some dogs will need a bath per month, while others may only need one every 6 months. Most of the time, dog owners bathe their dog due to the smell of the pet and not because he needs the bath.

To establish the number of baths you need to give your dog per month or per year, you should ask your vet. If the smell of the dog bothers you, you should use wet wipes. If the smell is unusual, visit the vet, because the dog may have a skin condition.

Exceptions from Regular Bathing Schedule

You may have to bathe your dog more frequently in a number of circumstances, including:

  • During a skin infection treatment to control itching
  • If the dog has external parasites and has to get a special treatment that involves baths
  • If the dog has allergic reactions and baths are recommended to soothe the skin until a long term solution is found

Dangers of Frequent Bathing

Bathing your dog once per week or more frequently is wrong. If you bathe your dog more frequently than recommended, the dog may develop problems such as:

  • Excessive dryness of skin, due to the fact that the skin cannot produce essential oils at a more frequent rate
  • The coat will get dull, due to the lack of essential oils
  • The skin will be more prone to infections, because the essential oils also have a protective role

The Importance of Grooming

While the bathing of the dog may not play an important role, the grooming is an essential procedure that will be needed at least once per week. The grooming must be performed in order to spread the essential oils on the dog's skin. The oils keep the skin healthy and hydrated, and also give shininess to the coat. Get a few grooming supplies such as a brush, a comb and possibly a grooming glove. The grooming will reduce the amount of dirt from the dog's fur, and lower the chances of a skin infection due to the clogging of pores or the presence of bacteria and fungi in the environment that land on the dog.