Cat Car Seat and Harness Basics

If you travel frequently and prefer not to leave your pets behind, or even if you wish to protect your pet on the way to the vet's office, a cat car seat or harness is a good investment. There are a wide variety of pet carriers and seats to choose from, so choose one that will help your cat travel safely and happily.

Padding and Wheels

No matter which design you choose, ensure that it has plenty of padding in case your trip is bumpy. You may wish to put a towel or blanket inside of a plastic carrier.

If you anticipate moving the carrier or seat out of the car, many models have wheels to aid in transportation.

Appropriate Sizing

Getting your pet into a carrier or seat can be difficult, so be sure to choose one that is properly sized, with a large enough door or gate to fit your cat. Food treats or toys may be helpful tools in convincing your cat to get in a carrier.

Because many animals do not like being confined in small spaces, make every effort to keep your pet in his carrier or seat for as short a time as possible. For long trips, stop periodically to let your pet out for food, water, and bathroom breaks. Doing so will ensure that you have a safe and pleasant trip with your pet.