Traveling with Your Dog in the Car

Creating a comfortable and secure environment makes dog travel fun and rewarding; here's how to start with a few dog car safety procedures:

Leash Time

Anytime you take your dog for a car ride, clip on his leash. You'll need it if you have to stop for an emergency, a quick walk, or a bathroom break. The leash also protects your dog from running up to greet other less-than-friendly canines. Rest-stops and parks are open season for dogs with all kinds of temperaments, and leashes are a must.

Observe Dog Car Etiquette

When riding down the open road, don't let your dog hang his head out the window. It's not only dangerous for him, but distracting to other drivers. Also, train your dog how to behave during car travel and to sit on one place, other than your lap.

Seating Arrangements

  • A dog car seat that snaps onto the seat offers peace of mind when your pet is riding shotgun.
  • Make your auto a comfy place for your dog to spend time. Seat covers are ideal, offering a cozy and clean place to nap or sightsee.
  • Choose a dog carrier that's roomy enough for your pet to move completely around inside. When going on long trips, dogs can get cramped in a poorly designed crates or cages.
  • Select a travel crate with proper ventilation and mechanisms for water and food bowl attachments.