Dog Flea Control

Fleas often affect canines and they are easily transmittable, feeding on canine blood. Fleas cause a lot of discomfort and itching, so dog flea control is necessary. Fleas may lead to anemia and the flea saliva can cause severe allergic reactions in more sensitive dogs.

Canine Fleas

Fleas are small brown parasites that are up to 2.5 millimeters in size and can be visible, especially in light colored canines.

Fleas cause itchiness and the dog may be scratching excessively, causing wounds and the skin will be also more exposed to secondary infections.

In puppies, the fleas may cause anemia, as they feed on blood.

The saliva of the fleas may also be transmitted when the fleas bite and some dogs are allergic to saliva, developing severe bumps.

Other problems caused by fleas include hair loss, dermatitis and the fleas may also be carriers of tapeworm larvae.

Dog Flea Control

The dog flea control can be performed in several ways including insecticides, flea powders and shampoos or flea collars.

It is also important to groom your pet and use a special flea comb that will eliminate the fleas and the eggs.

Insecticide Treatment

An insecticide treatment applied topically can be effective in relieving the itchiness and eliminating the fleas.

Advantage (imidacloprid) or Frontline may have immediate effect and remove fleas in a few days. Make sure to apply these insecticides on the dog’s skin and don’t allow the dog to get wet, to ensure that the solutions will make their effect.


Flea shampoos can be used to kill the fleas and also to relieve itchiness. The shampoo should be used at all times during flea treatment and the dog should take more frequent baths than usual, until the fleas are gone.


There are also flea powders that can be applied on the dog’s skin and will kill the fleas and eliminate the flea eggs. Don’t combine powders with flea shampoos, as the insecticides may interact with each other and can irritate the skin.


Lufenoron is a solution that is marketed as Program and will stop the flea eggs from developing or hatching. Even if Program alone is not enough to eliminate adult fleas, this solution combined with insecticides will get rid of the fleas. The flea eggs from your home must also be eliminated using diluted bleach.

Flea Collars

Flea collars may not eliminate fleas completely, but may be used coupled to another anti flea solution. Flea collars may also prevent a future reinfestation with fleas.

Preventive Measures

To prevent the reinfestation with fleas, you should get some preventive measures.

Sentinel is a solution that can prevent the infestation with fleas and may also prevent heartworms, hookworms or whipworms.

Advantage may also be administered to dogs to kill and prevent fleas. It may be administered once per month and should be administered on the dog’s skin. Advantage is not toxic, so it can be safely used on a regular basis.