Cat Flea Control with Advantage for Cats

Advantage for Cats is one of the leading brands of flea control medications on the market today. Virtually every veterinarian will recommend treating your pets regularly with a flea control medicine. This mild pesticide is lethal to fleas and eliminates the risk of any infestation on your pets, and it doesn't cause your cat any harm or significant health risks.

Advantage is most often available as a topical solution that can be applied to your pet regularly to help control his flea issues. It is useful both to treat an existing flea infestation on your pet and also to prevent fleas from every attacking your cat as well. Read on for a brief overview of Advantage for Cats and how to go about applying it to your pet.

Advantage for Cats Overview

Advantage for Cats makes use of a drug called imidacloprid. Imidacloprid is the active ingredient in this medication, and it is a nervous system altering pesticide that causes fleas to become paralyzed. It is extremely effective at killing live fleas. However, it is not effective at eliminating flea eggs. Therefore, you'll need to provide your pet with more than a single treatment of imidacloprid. This will ensure that any eggs that are on your pet's body during the first treatment will not have the chance to hatch and continue the infestation as living fleas.

Advantage is designed to be applied to your cat once per month. You can purchase it in any number of different locations, including most pet supply and food stores, veterinary offices, and online as well.

Using Advantage for Cats

Advantage for Cats is a topical cream that you provide to your pet once per month. Most owners prefer to administer it in a single place on their cat's body. The cream will then be absorbed through the skin and will spread throughout the entire body. Thus, it is not necessary to bathe your cat in any type of medicine or to spend ample time spreading it around on his skin.

Application Information

It's best to apply the monthly dosage of Advantage for Cats to the back of your pet's neck. This will be the least likely area that he'll be able to remove the medicine from before it has time to absorb into his body. When you do apply the dosage, be sure to treat your cat gently and provide him with reassuring words and the occasional treat.

Advantage for Cats will also remain effective after your cat has been bathed or if he enters water for some reason or another. Therefore, you'll only need to make use of this treatment once per month. Advantage for Cats has few side effects, but some cats may be allergic to other ingredients in the medicine so it's good to watch out for signs of a reaction. Do not allow your cat to eat Advantage for Cats, and take him to a veterinary hospital immediately if he does.