Features of Home Pet Grooming Kits

Home pet grooming can help maintain your pet healthy and his coat clean. Cats perform their grooming on a regular basis, but they still need extra grooming, while dogs require periodical grooming as well. The grooming for your pet should include dirt and dust removal, mat removal, nail clipping and possibly a massage. In order to perform the grooming at home, you need to get suitable supplies. The features of the home pet grooming kit will depend on several factors including the size of your pet, his hair thickness and length.

Metallic Comb

Each home pet grooming kit should contain a metallic comb, as cats and dogs require a metallic comb, regardless of their hair length. The comb can be used to remove mats, dirt, dust or other residues or to disentangle the pet’s hair.

The most important feature of a metallic comb is that it is made of stainless steel, so that it will not be affected by rust.

The teeth of the metallic comb should be rounded, so that they won’t hurt the pet while using the comb; the teeth should also be wide apart.

Slicker Brush

When it comes to removing dirt from a pet’s fur, a slicker brush will be the most efficient tool. The brush will also spread the essential oils secreted by the pet’s skin; the oils will maintain the skin healthy and give a natural shine to the fur.

The slicker brush can be slightly abrasive and the bristles can be in the shape of bent nails. Test the brush; if it feels too aggressive against your skin, it is not suitable for your pet either.

Flea Comb

Pets can be affected by fleas and a flea comb is a good tool to have in your home pet grooming kit. Before applying any anti flea products, the fleas and the flea eggs should be removed from the hair.

Get a flea comb with teeth that are sturdy and close together.

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are more recommended than scissors when it comes to cut your pet’s nails.

The nails may need to be cut frequently (once every 2 weeks in cats and less frequently in dogs). The size of the clipper should be adapted to your pet’s size.

You should also get disinfectant powder, in case you cause bleeding while cutting the pet’s nails.

Massage Mitts

Massage mitts should be softer than the brushes you use and have the advantages of covering larger areas of the pet’s body at once. The mitts will also give a gentle massage to your pet and this can have a relaxing effect both for you and your pet.

The grooming needs of your pet will be dictated by the thickness and length of the fur. However, on average, pets require at least 2 grooming sessions per week. The grooming may also help in the early detection of tumors. Take a few minutes to inspect your pet’s skin before each grooming session.