Preventing Bad Dog Breath through Diet

Bad dog breath also known as halitosis is caused by diet, medical conditions or a poor oral and dental hygiene. To prevent bad breath, you need to pay attention to the dog's oral hygiene and diet.

Analyze Your Dog's Diet

You need to analyze your dog's diet and see if it has all the needed nutrients. A poor, imbalanced diet may cause bad breath in dogs. A dog with an improper diet will also have a dull coat and a dry skin.

The first step towards preventing bad breath in dogs is to improve their diet. Dogs need protein (at least 18% of their daily food intake), fibers and fats. The commercial food may contain all the necessary nutrients; however, during the manufacturing process and storage, many of these essential nutrients may be lost.

Talk to the vet to see what you could improve in your dog's diet.

Fibers and Enzymes

A poor digestion may cause bad odor in the dog's mouth coming from the stomach and the esophagus, so you need to switch to more easily digestible foods.

Fibers will speed up the digestion, so add some more fibers in your dog's diet. Plants and vegetables are great sources of fiber. Wheat, whole grain foods or beans also contain fibers.

You may also opt for dietary fiber supplements.

Digestive enzymes also help in promoting a healthy digestion.

Kibble Food

If your dog has a wet food diet, this may easily cause bad breath, as the food may easily get stuck between the dog's teeth. Kibble food has the advantage of cleaning the dog's teeth and removing the deposits of plaque and tartar.

Wet food does not have an abrasive action on the dog's teeth.

You may switch to a dry food diet, or if your dog has a medical condition that dictates wet diet, make sure to introduce some chew treats that will clean his teeth.


The dog needs water to be hydrated. The water also washes away the food residues that may get stuck in between the teeth and will also help the digestion.

Add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon in the dog's water and this will also ensure that your dog has a fresh breath.

Green Treats

Dogs like grass and they chew on grass when they have a digestive problem. Give your dog some green treats, including peppermint or parsley leaves. These have the same texture as grass, promote digestion and will also freshen up his breath.

There are also a number of dog chews that can prevent bad breath.

However, if your dog's bad breath is not caused by a poor diet or improper digestion, you need to visit your vet. Halitosis may be a symptom of a medical condition such as diabetes mellitus. The vet will run some tests to establish the cause for the foul odor in your dog's mouth.

The dog may also have tooth decay or gum disease and these need special attention and treatment. To prevent periodontal disease, keep your dog's teeth clean. Brush his teeth regularly, using meat or liver flavored toothpaste.