Alternative Treatment Systems for Cat Allergy Relief

Cat allergy relief is available through many different forms of treatment, both traditional and alternative. Alternative treatment systems can help tremendously, plus provide additional benefits not available with conventional medication. Natural and herbal therapies must be used with caution, especially with cats, but with proper research, you may find a remedy that increases your cat's well-being, both pertaining to allergy relief and overall.

Cat Allergies

Cat allergy relief is commonly sought, due to the prevalence of this condition in the cat population. There are several different types of allergies a cat can experience, including allergies to food, fleas and inhalants. Cat allergies can cause skin conditions, itching, runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing, asthma symptoms, diarrhea or vomiting. Trial and error may be necessary to determine what's causing the allergies.

Determining the Cause

The best solution for finding cat allergy relief is to change or remove what you suspect to be the irritant. This can sometimes be accomplished by trying different brands or types of foods, or switching to organic or homemade meals for a period of time. Frequent cleaning of air and heat vents, avoiding scented products such as candles and cleaning sprays, or discontinuing use of certain medications or over-the-counter flea control can also be beneficial. The source of allergies in cats cannot always be determined this way, however. There are many alternative treatments that can provide cat allergy relief.


Homeopathic remedies are becoming more commonplace, as people realize that the effects of these herbs and mineral solutions can have astounding effects. Homeopathy can provide cat allergy relief when symptoms are analyzed properly and the appropriate solution is chosen. Rather than treating the symptoms, homeopathy addresses the symptoms to determine what's causing them, then applies a mixture of substances that are aimed at strengthening the immune system to help the body naturally fight off the problem. Homeopathy must be used with caution and careful research or several attempts may be necessary to discover the perfect remedy.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies for cat allergy relief are generally created loosely based on homeopathic solutions. Herbs that have been shown to be effective against allergy symptoms are mixed together in pill or liquid form to be given as a solution to allergy problems. It may initially be less expensive to try an herbal product that can be purchased at your local pet store or natural foods store. Since these products are all-natural, they can be given safely in conjunction with any prescription or conventional treatments the cat is currently taking. If the cat finds no relief, however, a more in-depth study may be required by a professional.


When searching for an appropriate remedy for cat allergy relief, there are a few considerations you must be aware of in specific reference to cats. A cat has a unique physiological makeup that causes its liver to ineffectively process toxins. This includes toxins released by some natural chemicals contained in herbs. Essential oils, especially, can be fatal if used with or near cats over time. Always be sure the specific products you select are safe for use in cats.