Finding Cheap Dog Insurance That Honors Claims

As a dog owner, one of your most important considerations would be to find cheap dog insurance that honors claims. In cases where dogs develop chronic ailments and require life long treatment, pet insurance comes as an advantage to you. Today pet insurance packages have become comprehensive, offering coverage for:
  • annual checkups
  • spaying/neutering
  • accidents
  • injuries
  • genetic and chronic conditions
  • surgery
  • dental health
  • burial/death
  • missing/lost dog

The critical aspect is to choose your pet policy carefully and be aware of the conditions the insurance policy will honor and those it won't.

Types of Dog Insurance

Depending on your specific needs and your budget, you can select from different types of insurance policies:

  • Lifetime cover policy- This policy is useful for a dog requiring long term treatment or one who is suffering from a chronic ailment. This policy entitles you to a certain sum of money every year.
  • Time limited policy- This policy ensures that you receive financial cover for a certain period after your pet has suffered an injury or contracted any disease which requires attention from a vet. The premium on this policy is usually cheaper than the lifetime cover policy.
  • Money limit policy- Under this policy, determine an amount of money against which you can make claims till the limit is reached.

Points to be aware of:

  • Some policies cover only accidents and not illness, while some cover only certain illness.
  • If your dog has a pre-existent condition, check to see that it is covered before purchasing a policy.
  • Certain breeds are excluded from insurance.
  • Some policies are applicable only once your dog is a certain age. For example, some insurers require the dog to be at least 8 weeks old while others don't insure dogs over 8 years of age.

Make sure you know what percentage the insurer will pay in case of an accident or illness. Some will pay as much as 100% while others may only partially cover your costs. If you have more than one dog, ask your insurer if they offer discounts. It is important to note that the age of your dog affects the premium. For example a senior dog's cover will be more expensive than a healthy puppy.

Veterinary costs having risen dramatically as pet treatments are breaking new grounds. Complex procedures such as transplants and radiation therapy are becoming commonplace thus increasing the life expectancy of your dog. In these circumstances, finding a cheap dog insurance policy and ensuring that it honors claims has assumed new significance.