Better Dog Health Insurance: Pet Coverage Checklist

With the cost of veterinary care these days, it's a good idea to purchase dog health insurance for your pets. Pet health insurance policies differ, so it's important to know what your needs are and do your research before you make a decision. What Dog Health Insurance Covers Dog health insurance coverage varies according to company and policy. Here are some of the items your dog health insurance should cover: * Accidental injury * Long term illness * Loss or theft of your dog * Euthanasia and burial * Emergency care * Dental work * Routine exams * Allergies * Third party claims * Swallowing of poison or other foreign objects * Surgery * Death Cost of Dog Health Insurance Cost Dog health insurance policies for pets are usually quite affordable. Your policy will be cheaper if you purchase it when your dog is very young. Dog health insurance pet policies begin at about ten dollars per month, and the price increases based on your dog's age and state of health as well as the level of coverage you desire. Questions To Ask Before Committing To A Policy Here are some of the questions you should ask before committing to a dog health insurance pet policy: * Can I choose my own vet? * Does it cover third party claims? * Does it cover cancer treatments? * Does it cover congenital defects? * Will the premiums increase as my dog ages? * Does the policy cover both accidents and illness? * Does it cover chronic conditions? * How do I make a claim? * How difficult is the claim process? * What is my deductible? * Is there an annual claim limit? * Is there a per condition claim limit?