Choosing a Safe Dog for Kids

While you love the thought of adding a dog to your family, you are also cautious about how the dog will interact with your kids. This is a common concern for animal-loving and kid-loving homes. You are looking for the balance that will provide the perfect dog for kids. Here are a few tips that will help you on your search.

Breed History and Temperament

When considering bringing a dog around your children, consider the history of the breed. What was this purpose of creating this breed? What were their ancestors known for? Does the dog's breed have any predilection towards aggressiveness? These are all common questions that you will ask yourself. But be sure to remember that the history of a particular breed probably occurred over the course of more than 100 years. The present day Rottweiler may be nothing like his ancestors. 

You also need to consider the temperament of the breed. Temperament and genetics really only make up about 50% of a dog's mental state. The other half can be attributed to environment. It is important to keep in mind that there are some breeds which are specifically known for being great family dogs. There are some dogs that are typically known for being aggressive and are considered to be watch dogs. But keep in mind that when you raise a dog from a puppy, your loving nature helps to develop his temperament.

While you need to be cautious in your search for a family dog, it is important to remember that not every breed is off limits based on their history. You also need to focus on what the general temperament and purpose of the dog appears to be in present day.

Breed Specific Recommendations

While you may have a particular breed that you are fond of, you may want to widen your search. Because this dog is going to be a part of your family and introduced to your children, you should look at all of your options before making a decision.

The golden retriever is known today for its great mellow temperament and family-loving dedication. Because of those qualities, retrievers tend to make great dogs for your children. They are a very trainable breed and relatively low maintenance when considering health conditions.

The Doberman pinscher is still known today for being an excellent guard dog. But what you should also know is that they are a very family oriented dog. While it is true that they make an excellent watch dog, they are known for that because of their great dedication to their humans. They are also known to be one of the more intelligent and trainable of all breeds. When considering bringing a Doberman into your children's lives, remember that he will be extremely protective about them.

The English bulldog is currently known for the being the couch potato of all dogs. However, their ancestors were known for bull-baiting. The current day bulldog is nothing like his ancestors. But because of their prevalent health conditions, they are not the type of dog that will be able to accompany you and your family on a nature hike. However, they are known for being the type of dog that wants to be near your children and affectionate with them. This breed has a truly loving temperament with children.

While choosing the perfect dog for your children is a decision that only you can make, looking at the history and temperament of various breeds will help you to choose the perfect dog for your family.