The 7 Best Dog Breeds for Children

There are certain dog breeds that are more suitable for families with children. Dogs that get on well with children are smart and have a medium activity level. The personality of the dog should be gentle and the size of the dog may also be important, as small dogs can be maltreated by children, while larger dogs may intimidate children. If you are planning to get a pet and you have kids, you should opt for a breed that is suitable for family life, or you can get a dog that is already trained and is good with children. 

1. Collie

The collie is a great dog for kids and can be easily trained. The dog has medium energy level and can adapt to children of all ages.

2. German Shepherd

A German shepherd is a larger sized dog, but despite his size, he is an affectionate pet and will be suitable for families with kids. The dog will be very loyal and protective toward the family.

3. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers, or Labradors, are in the top recommendations for people with children. The dog is larger in size, but will not be aggressive towards kids. Golden retrievers are gentle in nature and are also very smart, so they will do well with families with children of all ages. However, some dogs may be more active and may be a bit too much for toddlers, but may be great playmates for older kids. The dog needs a yard where he can play and he also needs exercise to be happy.

4. English Setter

The English setter resembles the golden retriever when it comes to personality and level of intelligence. The English Setter can easily adapt to family life and is typically an active dog, but may adjust according to the level of activity of the owners. An English setter will be ideal both for babies and older kids.

5. Weim Dog

Weims are small dogs and are suitable for families with small children. The dog is gentle and playful and can adapt to a life with children. He will be a great playmate for toddlers.

7. Beagle

The beagle is a wonderful, intelligent dog. The dog is medium sized and also has a medium energy level. However, if not properly trained, the dog may be difficult to manage at times.

There are also other dog breeds that may be considered including the Bichon Frise, English bulldog or boxer, but you can settle on a mixed breed dog as well. Mixed dog breeds are intelligent and can be trained to live with children.

Regardless of the dog you choose for your family, it is essential that the dog gets proper behavioral training. The dog needs to learn that he has to listen to you. It may be a good idea to take your children to the training sessions (if old enough) and allow them to give commands to the dog, so that the dog will recognize the children as his owners.