Comfortis Flea Medication for Dogs

If you're concerned about a flea infestation in your pets, you'll need to determine the best flea medication for dogs. Flea medicines are an important preventative measure for virtually every pet owner, as fleas can exist in nearly every atmosphere and environment and will quickly spread throughout your entire house. A flea infestation on one pet can and will usually quickly lead to infestations on your other pets, as well as flea problems for you and the other people in your home as well. Read on for how Comfortis can help to fight fleas on dogs.

Comfortis Overview

Comfortis is unique among flea medications in that it is provided orally. Most other flea medicines are given via an injection or, as is more commonly the case, as a topical ointment that needs to be applied to your dog's skin directly. There are difficulties with both of those methods. First, injections can cause harmful or painful reactions at the site of the injection. Additionally, dogs can occasionally lick, rub, or shake off a topical application. In both cases, the harm to your dog or the risk of the medication not begin effective reduce the overall value of the medication.

Comfortis is flavored with beef to make it an enjoyable treat for your pets. Many vets recommend it for dogs that have been unresponsive or have had difficulty with other types of flea medications.

Comfortis Benefits

A single dosage of Comfortis is designed to eliminate fleas on your pet's body for a full month. With the help of Comfortis, you'll be able to give your pet respite from live fleas, ensuring that they cannot continue to lay eggs as well. Comfortis also does not require a period of isolation, as many other types of flea medications do. This means that you can give your pet the medicine and then begin to play with him and engage him immediately, and also that you won't need to keep him away from other pets for a period of time after providing him with the medicine either.

Comfortis Downsides

There are a few downsides to Comfortis as well, and it's important that you recognize them before you decide to give your pet this medication. First, Comfortis is not effective at eliminating eggs from your dog's body. This means that it's likely that it will take a few treatments of Comfortis to entirely deal with the flea infestation, as you'll have to wait for those eggs to hatch.

Additionally, Comfortis has a few mild side effects that are relatively uncommon. The most common side effect is vomiting, but it's also possible that your pet might suffer from a more serious allergic reaction to the medicine as well. In these cases, it's important that you monitor your pet for signs of an adverse reaction as closely as possible. If you do notice any signs of a reaction of this type, take your pet in to the vet right away.