The 8 Most Common Cat Allergy Symptoms

Cat allergy symptoms are a common problem affecting approximately 25 percent of people that suffer from allergies. Allergic reactions in humans are caused by secretions from a cat's skin and saliva that contain allergens (not from cat hair, as many people believe). These allergens stick to fur and dander, releasing the allergens into the air where they can easily come into contact with pet owners. Symptoms of cat allergies range from mild to severe reactions, and prolonged exposure to cats may develop into a chronic asthma.

8 Most Common Cat Allergy Symptoms

1. Coughing 2. Sneezing 3. Nasal congestion 4. Sore throat 5. Watery and red eyes 6. Itchy nose 7. Wheezing and difficult breathing 8. Tightening in the chest

How to Avoid Cat Allergy Symptoms

  • Keep your cat off your bed, couch and other furniture
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after holding or petting your cat
  • Avoid touching your eyes or face
  • Wash your bedding and vacuum the house frequently to get rid of dust mites, allergens and dander
  • Groom and bathe your cat once a week to wash off some of the dander and allergens in the fur
  • Ask your doctor about medications and allergy shots can help to reduce symptoms during periods of frequent allergic reactions