Is a Short Hair Cat Better for Allergic Owners?

Some allergy sufferers believe a short hair cat may be a solution for their sneezing and coughing symptoms. Unfortunately there is no breed of cat that is guaranteed to prevent allergies; it is not the hair that causes allergic reactions but the dander that is released when cats shed.

Causes of Cat Allergies

Proteins found in a cat's skin and saliva are the source of the allergens that cause cat allergies, not the cat hair itself. These allergens stick to dander which is released when cats come in contact with their owners or through shedding. Even hairless cats can cause allergic reactions in humans, but there are ways to reduce the effects of cat allergens.

Relieving Symptoms of Cat Allergies

Whether you have a long or short hair cat, the problem caused by allergens in feline skin and saliva can be minimized. Owners should vacuum their homes often to remove dander from furniture and carpets and bedding should be washed frequently. Cat bedding should also be cleaned to get rid of dander. Also, avoid touching your face after petting or playing with your cat and wash your hands after contact.