Removing Dog Drool From Upholstery

Dog drool leaves stains on all sofa fabrics. Follow the directions below on how to remove dog drool from upholstery: Check Your Material First pinpoint the material you are cleaning. Microfiber, also called microsuede or Durapella, leaves water marks if you get the material too wet. A suede sofa will be harder to clean without damaging the nap. It is best to call the manufacturer for advice if you own a natural suede sofa. Spot Test Before attempting to use any cleaning product or homemade remedy, do a spot test to make sure the solution does not fade your fabric. Pick a hidden area like the back of the sofa or the bottom of a cushion. Let the area dry for at least 24 hours and check the color. If all looks okay, go ahead and start cleaning the dog drool. If the color has faded, test a different cleaner. Suggested Cleaners Unscented baby wipes prove helpful in removing drool stains. The alcohol breaks up the enzymes in drool removing the stain. Pouring a small amount of alcohol-- no more than a tablespoon-- onto a damp washcloth is equally effective. Many upholstery cleaners effectively clean dog drool stains. However, they do contain ingredients that are toxic to pets. For a safe, effective cleaner, try unflavored seltzer water.

Prevent Future Stains Once you have removed the drool mark, consider covering your furniture with a waterproof pet blanket. You'll extend the life of your furniture without having to banish your pet from his/her favorite spot.