Converting From Dehydrated to Raw Dog Food

Switching from a dehydrated chow to a raw dog food diet should be done gradually. You need to learn how to balance his nutrients and get him used to new foods. However, a raw food diet can lead to a shinier coat and less skin and digestive problems.

Slowly Transition

Mix a little bit of the new ingredients right in with your dog's normal kibble or other food. Then increase the amount of raw food ingredients every time you feed him. Do not bombard your dog with these new tastes, scents and textures right away. Let him acquire a taste for his new food plan.

Give his digestive system time to adjust to the raw foods. If you completely change your dog's diet, he could experience side effects such as diarrhea. When you make the switch from dehydrated to raw dog food, expect your pet to experience a few days of gas and looser stools.

Tips for Canine Raw Foodies

  • If your dog is not embracing his new diet, add a small amount of low-sodium chicken or beef broth to temp his taste buds.
  • For convenience, buy pre-mixed packages of dehydrated raw dog food that you can keep right in the freezer.
  • Mix in natural herbs to help cleanse your dog's digestive system, such as dried alfalfa or chopped fresh burdock root.
  • Learn what foods your dog should not eat on a raw food diet and what he can.
  • Incorporate an assortment of different protein sources so that your dog can get a variety of nutrients from beef, chicken, oxtail and Cornish game hens.