Raw Dehydrated Dog Food

Raw dehydrated dog food is becoming a more popular option for dog owners to purchase as it does not contain any gluten, the cause of recent dog food recalls. Many raw dehydrated foods for dogs are all-natural or USDA certified organic.

Features of Raw Dehydrated Dog Food

Raw dehydrated dog food sold commercially are typically formulated to meet nutrition guidelines set by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for canines of all ages. The ingredients are considered to be human-grade, which means it is good enough for humans to consume, and are made with whole foods. No chemicals are used to kill parasites, fungi or other plant products, and no hormones or antibiotics were given to the animals used in these products. Preservatives, grains and additives are also not used in the making of raw dehydrated dog food, and each package of food can be purchased for dogs on single-meat diets. All of the bones are removed from the meat products as well.

Raw dehydrated dog foods are a good choice for those who want to feed a dog all-natural ingredients or have a dog on a BARF diet, but do not necessarily have the time or space to prepare and store all of the food. Dehydrated dog food has a long shelf-life of up to 12 months.

When foods are dehydrated the right way, they still contain the enzymes and nutrients raw foods have. The dehydration process kills the bacteria that can cause a dog to be ill, but still leaves the meat, vegetables and fruits raw. The only thing that was taken out of the food is the water content.

How to Use Raw Dehydrated Dog Food

Raw dehydrated dog food resembles big pellets. Following the package's instructions, reconstitute the pellet with the recommended amount of warm water. After the suggested amount of time, the food will then grow in size and be soft enough for a dog to consume. Many dog owners state raw dehydrated dog food does not smell like typical commercial food for canines-it smells better.

Any food a dog does not eat should be stored in the refrigerator or thrown away. Raw dehydrated dog food can be prepared two days in advance as long as it is stored in a refrigerator.

Transitioning a Canine to Raw Dehydrated Dog Food

Sometimes a dog's stomach does not tolerate a sudden change in food, so it is advised that his food consist of two parts regular food and one part raw dehydrated dog food. Increase the amounts of the raw dehydrated food every three days by one part the total amount of food a dog consumes. A dog should be adjusted to the new raw dehydrated dog food within a week and a half.

Raw dehydrated dog food is a good option for canines on a natural, raw diet or for dogs that suffer from allergies. This type of food can be more pricey because of the high-quality ingredients used, but can be mixed with other raw foods to help it last longer. One should consult a veterinarian to see what type of raw dehydrated dog food would be best for his dog.