How Dehydrated Dog Food Benefits Your Dog

Discover how a diet of dehydrated dog food benefits your pet. Unlike manufactured dry dog food that loses vitamins and minerals during the baking process, you will find that dehydrated dog foods retain the beneficial nutrients. The dehydration process retains the quality of the foods in a form that is easily stored and remains fresh for much longer. Best of all, no additives or preservatives are ever added.

Making Dehydrated Dog Food

Dog food companies slice fresh meats and vegetables before placing them in the dehydration bins. Some companies add nutrient rich grains like brown rice to the mixture. Next, high-powered fans remove the moisture from the raw foods, while vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain in the items. These dehydrated foods are packaged and shipped to local pet food stores or sold online.

Benefits to Dehydrated Dog Foods

Veterinarians and pet owners realize the importance of keeping their dog/dogs on a high-protein diet. Many find the raw diet is the best way to ensure their dog eats quality proteins, but a raw diet comes with drawbacks. Fresh meat spoils quickly and is prone to bacterial contaminants.

Dehydrated dog food retains all of the beneficial nutrients found in meat, but the dehydration process protects the food against spoiling and requires no special storage. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain in the food. Dehydrated food is safely stored in a cupboard or pantry.