Administering a Diet of Dry Dog Food: 3 Tips

Whether you are switching to a dry dog food diet, changing between brands or feeding your new dog for the first time, following these three tips can help your dog more easily adjust to the transition.

Three Tips to Starting a Dry Dog Food Diet

  1. Feed your dog at approximately the same time everyday, preferably after a walk or other exercise-once a day for most dogs and twice a day for larger breeds.
  2. Refer to the packaging for the recommended serving size for your dog's weight class. If switching from one food to another, gradually transition from the old to the new over a 2 week period. Begin with mostly the old brand with just a small amount of the new dry food. Gradually increase the new dry food while proportionately reducing the old.
  3. Always place a bowl of fresh drinking water next to your dog's food bowl. Refresh at least daily, more if your dog drools a lot.

The benefits of a dry dog food diet include aiding good oral hygiene by removing plaque while they chew and needing no refrigeration, so it is convenient for traveling

Consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about your pet's health or diet.