Do You Need to Hire a Professional Dog Sitter?

A dog sitter is a person that can take care of your pet while you're at work or on a vacation. Not all pet owners need to hire a professional dog sitter, depending on various factors, including the personality of the dog and the owner's lifestyle.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional Dog Sitter?

A dog sitter may be needed in several instances, such as:

  • When you're at work for longer hours and the dog needs to be taken for walks
  • When the dog is ill and he requires special care and you cannot stay with him at home
  • When you leave for a trip or vacation and cannot take your pet with you
  • While your dog is a puppy and is not housebroken yet

A professional dog sitter will spend time with your pet and play with him, making him comfortable while you're away. Many dogs can get bored or frustrated while the owner is away, and these dogs may develop various unwanted behaviors such as barking, chewing around the house or digging. Some dogs may develop stress or depression.

Certain dog breeds may have a higher energy level, and these need a lot of exercise every day. If you cannot spend time with your pet, you need to have a dog sitter taking care of your dog's needs. However, if your dog is a low or medium energy level dog, you may leave him at home for several hours and he won't be likely to misbehave.

Advantages of a Professional Dog Sitter

A professional dog sitter is trained to take care of dogs and play with them, while the owners are away. A dog sitter will be able to:

  • Walk your dog whenever he needs a walk
  • Challenge your pet with various activities, so he won't get bored or gain weight due to inactivity
  • Offer affection and care, so that the dog won't get frustrated or depressed
  • Give medication, if the dog is ill
  • Train the dog, if needed
  • bserve potential health problems in your pet
  • Bathe and groom the dog

Disadvantages of a Professional Dog Sitter

Getting a professional dog sitter may be expensive, especially if you hire him for several days per week. You may be better off taking the dog to a daycare or talking to a neighbor that also has pets to take care of your dog for a few hours per day. Some dogs don't like the company of a foreign person, so it may be difficult for the dog to get used to a dog sitter. However, these cases are rare.

When it comes to the well being of your dog, it is important to know what he needs and offer him the best of care. If you are not around, you may need to get a professional dog sitter to spend time with your pet.