Raising a Puppy While Working

Raising a puppy may be a challenge for first time owners and if you are working also, you will have to make a few adjustments so that your puppy will be raised properly. Before getting a dog, you need to decide on a breed that will be suitable for your lifestyle and will not develop behavioral problems if you are away from home while working.

Choose the Puppy

Before getting a puppy, you should be aware of the time commitment a pet involves. While some dog breeds require less training and exercise, there are a number of more demanding breeds. If you have less time, you need to get a less demanding dog breed.

If you work, you will spend at least 8 hours away from your home, so you must know that during this time the puppy will be alone.

Training Your Dog

Puppies will require more attention during the training period. Schedule the training during weekends and when you get home. During the training sessions your dog will learn the essentials of what it is expected of him and how to respond to your commands. A puppy will need some time to be trained, especially due to the fact that he has a short attention span and you can’t train him for more than 10 minutes at once.

If you can afford it, take 1 or 2 weeks off work and train your dog during this time.

You may also want to train him not to bark or whine when you leave for work. This can be done by leaving your dog alone for a few minutes and returning with a treat. Your puppy should also learn that he cannot control you by barking or whining, so you need to allow the dog to calm down on his own and ignore him when he whines or barks to get your attention.

Get a Pet Sitter

Having a full time pet sitter may be a great financial commitment if used all the time, but if you hire a pet sitter only for the first few weeks, until you train your pet, this may be a good idea.

The pet sitter may also train your puppy and help him learn how to behave when left on his own.

Get Toys and Games

While you are away at work your puppy may sleep a lot, but he may also get bored and start developing behaviors that you won’t approve of such as barking or chewing.

To avoid these problems, you should get your puppy a few toys or install a few games that will keep him entertained. You don’t have to spend money, if you install a few tunnels made of cardboard boxes, this can be challenging enough for the pup. However, make sure that the toys and games you leave for your puppy are safe and won’t endanger his health.

You will also have to make sure that there are no other dangerous items in your home such as sharp objects, open fire or poisonous plants or foods.