Dog Bark Training

Dog bark training can help you control one of your dog's most natural behaviors - barking. All dogs bark, whine and howl. While you can't train your dog to stop barking altogether, exercise and diligent training with commands can help him burn off excess tension, and also help him learn not to bark when it isn't appropriate.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark Excessively

Dogs may bark excessively for a number of reasons. They bark to warn their owners of threats and to scare away intruders. They may also bark when they feel lonely, bored, frustrated, frightened, excited or even just for the fun of barking. Some owners unintentionally teach their dogs to bark too much. Understanding why your dog barks excessively is the first step in dog bark training.

Many owners teach their dogs to bark excessively without realizing what they're doing. Your dog might bark when he wants to go outside, receive a treat or get some affection. In these cases, your dog is barking because he wants your attention. It usually works.

If your dog is socially isolated, left alone or confined to a crate for long periods of time, he may be barking out of boredom, frustration, loneliness or anxiety. Dogs will often bark excessively in order to release pent-up energy. In these cases, playing with, training and exercising your dog will make him happier and release some of his physical tension. A happy, relaxed dog is less likely to bark excessively. Giving Your Dog Fewer Reasons to Bark

Excessive barking is a nuisance for yourself as well as any nearby neighbors. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Walk him at least once a day. When you're at home, bring him into the house and spend time with him, Play games and engage him in training sessions. The mental exercise your dog gets from training sessions can also help burn off pent-up energy.

Dogs need the companionship of other dogs to be happy. Take your dog to a local dog park or arrange social time for him with the dogs of friends. Provide your dog with plenty of toys so that he can occupy himself when you're not around. Using Obedience Training to Stop Dog Barking

Dogs often don't realize when their barking is inappropriate. Dog bark training involves the consistent use of clear commands, such as "Stop barking!" Don't try to forbid your dog from barking altogether, as barking is a natural dog behavior. You won't succeed in eliminating it for good.

If your dog barks to alert the presence of an intruder, allow him to bark two or three times. Praise him for sounding the alert, and then use the obedience command of your choice to signal that it's time to stop. When your dog stops barking, praise him for his good behavior. Many dogs will begin to bark again after being quiet for a few seconds. Scold him sternly until the barking stops.