Dog Barking for No Reason

Dog barking is the dog’s way to communicate with humans or other animals. Typically, dogs do not bark without reason and even if you do not understand it, you should try to figure out what the reason for the barking. The dog may communicate with other dogs, tell you about an intruder or let you know he is hungry or just bored and needs attention.

Dog Barking for No Reason

Dogs always bark with the intention of communicating something. When barking they are trying to convey a message to the owner or to other animals.

Don’t punish your dog if he continues barking without a reason that you don’t identify, because he will not understand the punishment. There might be situations when he does not stop and the noise might disturb your family or neighbors. Therefore it is recommended to pay attention and try to figure out what causes the barking.

Understanding Your Dog’s Barking

The best way to understand what causes your dog to bark is to rule out some possible reasons.

Start with the basics: offer him food and water or let him in, if he is outside and the weather is cold.  If he lives indoors, he might need to go out, so you can take him for a walk.

If he is always looking is the same direction when barking or trying to show you something, you should look into this matter. There might be an intruder, human or animal and your dog might be trying to warn you.

Usually dogs communicate using their body as well so it should be easy for you to understand the reason: when barking at the door he might want to go out, when barking at the box with treats, he needs a snack.

If his barking is not related to his basic needs or he is not signaling an intruder, he might be barking just to draw your attention. Dogs may bark out of boredom.

If the pet barks continuously, it might be related to a need you do not understand. Therefore, your dog should undergo basic training and he should stop barking on command.

Some dogs "bark back" at their owners. So, if your dog barks every time you tell him to do something, it only represents his way of being defiant. This might call for some deference training.

Barking out of anger, defiance, separation anxiety or boredom can be stopped with training. Your dog needs to know the rules of the house and respect the fact that you are in charge. In this manner you prevent further problems and possible aggressive behavior.

Stop Dog Barking

The best way to stop your dog from barking is meeting his needs and training him to respond to commands.

If the problem persists, you can resort to more extreme measures. You could spray him with cold water every time he starts barking.

There are also bark collars on the market. The collar delivers a small shock to the dog’s neck every time he barks. You should be aware that these methods might also have a negative impact on your dog. For instance, he will no longer signal intruders or he will be afraid to bark to convey you a message regarding his basic needs.