3 Dog Breed Behavior Myths

Dog breed behavior is much talked-about, especially because some breeds are considered inherently aggressive. However, this is not true.

Myth One: Some Dog Breeds Are Inherently Agressive

It has been said that some breeds, such as the rottweiler or the American pit bull, are inherently aggressive and therefore dangerous. This is not true. No dog breed is inherently aggressive. All dog breeds can display aggressive behavior if mistreated, abused or frightened.

Dogs may become aggressive out of fear. Dogs may also become aggressive when they are abused by those who desire aggressive guard or fighting dogs.

Myth Two: An Aggressive Dog Cannot Be Re-Trained

This is also untrue. Socialization and obedience training can help your dog learn to be open with other dogs and people. Psychotropic medication may help your aggressive dog begin the retraining process.

Myth Three: Agressive Dogs Are Too Dangerous to Handle

Some dog breeds may exhibit behavior so aggressive that professional training is required, especially if the dog has been very harshly mistreated. However, most aggressive behavior, such as barking and attack posing, can be retrained by the owner who has sought sound professional advice.