5 Myths About the Raw Food Diet for Dogs

There are 5 major myths about a raw food diet for dogs. A biologically appropriate raw food diet (barf diet) is actually a very healthy way of giving your dog the nutrition he needs, without extra calories. Many dry and canned foods contain grains and fillers that can negatively affect your dog's digestive and elimination systems. Barf dog food mimics what a dog would eat in the wild, and thus it provides the best nutrients for your dog to function at his best. Before deciding to avoid raw feeding for dogs, learn the truth about these popular myths about a raw food diet.

Myth #1 - It Will Make My Dog More Aggressive and Wild

Feeding a dog a properly balanced diet can only affect his brain and brain chemistry in a positive way. A dog can develop digestive problems because of too much grain and a lack of proper hydration in his diet. Digestive problems affect brain chemistry, which is the main factor in behavior besides training and other external circumstances.

A dog won't realize that the meat is raw instead of cooked and all of a sudden become a wild dog. He will be better able to tolerate stress and will be more responsive to training. Therefore, he'll be much less prone to aggression.

Myth # 2 - Parasites and Bacteria Will Make My Dog Sick

A dog's short digestive system is designed to digest the bacteria and parasites that live in raw meat. It travels through the colon very quickly, giving them optimum energy. Humans are unable to tolerate these parasites and bacteria, because our digestive tracts are many times longer than a dog's. A dog responds well to the moisture and high amount of nutrition in the meat, as it would be in nature.Myth

# 3 - Domesticated Dogs Are Not Able To Tolerate Raw Food Like Wild Dogs

Very little has changed about a dog's digestion since these animals have been taken out of the wild and domesticated. Your dog is just a trained version of a wild dog. Feeding dogs a barf diet gives them the nutrients and food composition that best suits their physical needs.

Myth # 4 - My Dog Will Choke On the Raw Bones

Cooked meat bones are much more dangerous for dogs than raw bones. Cooked bones become brittle and can splinter into pieces a dog can choke on. A raw bone gives your dog something he has to work hard at to eat. It helps strengthen tooth enamel and fight plaque, gum disease and bad breath. The bone breaks down in ways the dog's body is used to, even if he has never had a raw bone in his life.

Myth # 5 - A Raw Food Diet Will Trigger Allergies In My Dog

Some meats can cause allergies in dogs, but not all meats. Most canned food and kibble contains meat anyway. Raw foods often contain meats that are less likely to cause allergies, such as buffalo or venison. A dog is much more likely to develop allergies to grains, soy and corn than to meat, because a dog was never meant to eat grain, soy or corn.