Dog Brushing Tips for a Clean and Healthy Coat

It doesn't take much time to give your dog a daily brushing. By following a daily routine, you prevent shedding hair from clinging to your carpet and furniture. Brushing your dog will also reduce pet dander and maintain his shiny coat.

Choosing the Brush or Comb

Ideal grooming supplies depends on the dog’s coat. A soft bristle brush is best on dogs with short coats, while dogs with wavy or curly coats need a brush with the metal bristles. Long-haired breeds need bent wired bristles. Keep a dematting dog grooming comb on hand for tough tangles and mats.

Tips for Brushing

An effective dog brushing routine involves first brushing against the direction of the fur, in order to loosen the hair, and then removing the hair by brushing with the direction of the fur.

Use a soft brush on the face, gently brushing the muzzle and forehead to remove any loosened fur. Work back to the neck and make sure you brush the ears.

Removing Mats and Tangles

Using a dematting comb, try to loosen the tangle from its end, furthest from the skin. Grasp the fur above the skin, if possible, to reduce any pulling that causes discomfort.