Essential Dog Hair Products

Dog hair products not only ensure that your pet has a glossy coat of hair, but they also protect your pet's skin. If you neglect regular grooming of your pet's hair, he could develop skin diseases or disorders. Canines need dog hair products like a dog brush, comb, rakes, dog shampoo and conditioner.

Advantages of Regularly Grooming Your Pet:

  • Your pet always has a shiny and healthy coat, as the natural oils are distributed by the brushing.
  • Dead and loose hair are removed along with the tangles and matted hair.
  • Your pet looks healthy and happy.
  • You can immediately spot any changes in his health.
  • There is a strengthening of the bond between you and your pet.

Grooming Aids

Your pet needs daily brushing and combing of his coat along with periodic bathing to protect him from parasites such as fleas or mites. Regular brushing and combing gets rid of tangles and mats in the coat and removes dirt and debris. It's important that the combs and brushes are selected according to the type of coat your dog is endowed with. A long haired dog needs a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. He also requires a medium-toothed comb to smooth out the hair once it's untangled. A brush with boar bristles is preferred, as it distributes the sebum in the hair and keeps it shiny. If the hair is fine and delicate, a soft bristled brush is recommended, whereas a brush with firm bristles is best for thick hair. If your pet suffers from allergies, rashes or skin conditions there are several medicated dog hair products that might suit his skin and coat. However, you must conduct a vet check and find out the type of condition your pet is suffering from before using any medicated products.

Commercially Available Medicated Shampoos Include:

  • Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo
  • Epi Soothe Shampoo
  • Allermyl Shampoo
  • Etiderm Shampoo
  • Keto Chlor

Tools for Dog Grooming

A flea comb is required to get rid of fleas, ticks and loose hair from the undercoat. You should also consider purchasing a grooming glove, as it not only massages and grooms your pet but removes loose hair and is easy to use on hard to reach areas such as your pet's belly, legs and tail. A de-shedding tool is better than brushes, to help reduce reduce shedding and remove airborne elements that act as allergens. This tool also brings out the natural oils in the skin, leaving the topcoat shinier. It works by gently pulling out the undercoat while leaving the topcoat intact. You should use mild shampoos and conditioners that are manufactured for dogs and not humans. Your vet can guide you in your choice of a soap-free shampoo and cream rinse. You should also use a flea and tick product to keep your dog's coat free of them, as they can cause allergies and rashes.

It's best to untangle the hair before you use a flea comb or bathe the dog. All brushes and combs should be washed after use. Your pet should get accustomed to regular grooming from a young age, and you have to take extra care to keep the process pain-free.