Trimming Matted Cat Fur

Cat matted fur is a common problem which can be dealt with using some simple tools and methods. A mat is a knotted mass of hair which sticks to the cat's body. It is painful and uncomfortable for your cat and can become problematic if not dealt with promptly. Mats can form anywhere on the body, but susceptible areas are the hind quarters, lateral sides and the underside of your cat. Removing mats from your cat's fur is a delicate and slow process which will test the patience of you both.

Given the right procedure and enough time, it is possible to rid your cat of this troublesome condition successfully.

  • Tools and Materials
  • Metal comb (preferably with spinning teeth)
  • Small pair of blunt ended scissors
  • Clipper
  • Soft bristled brush
  • A few cat treats

Step 1: Calm Your Cat

Your cat has to be relaxed and agreeable when you start the de-matting process. Normally she will be peaceful after a good meal or after a vigorous round of exercise. This would be the opportune time to approach her. Give her some treats to keep her still.

Step 2: Separate the Mats

Hold her gently and first use only your fingers to separate the mats. All the while keep talking to her soothingly. As you separate the mats, you will be able to pluck out some by hand easily. Remember your cat's skin is very thin and will hurt easily. Do not pull at the mat unless it comes off easily, else you will end up pulling her skin up as well.

Step 3: Use a Comb

After separating the hair with your fingers, use the metal comb on the hair a little at a time. You will again find tufts of matted hair coming off.

Step 4: Remove Tough Mats

In case of a stubborn bit of matted fur, you can trim the hair around the mat with scissors. Take care not to cut her skin accidentally. After trimming, again use your fingers to separate the hair in the mat. Some mats are tough to separate, in which case, you can choose to cut them entirely with scissors or clip the area with clippers. Don't worry about spoiling your cat's look as the hair will grow back soon enough.

Step 5: Finish Brushing

Once you have cleared a small area of mats, run a soft brush over it to clear up any remaining tangles.

Always keep an eye on how your cat is reacting to this process. She may get impatient and make an unexpected movement. Since you are using sharp tools such as scissors and clippers, this can get dangerous. When you sense her getting restless, let her go and try again in a while.

Clearing out your cat's matted hair is important because if ignored it can lead to mite infestation and even mange. Dry your cat thoroughly after bathing or a run in a puddle as wet hair leads to matting. Make a habit of grooming your cat regularly. This will not only prevent further mats from developing but also give you a chance to observe your cat for any hair loss, abscesses, fleas or other skin problems.