Dog Food and Kidney Disease: How to Minimize Symptoms

Dog food can't cure your dog's kidney disease, but it can reduce his symptoms and help him lead a more normal life.

How Kidney Disease Dog Food Is Different

Kidney disease dog food contains lower protein levels than normal dog food. The protein in kidney disease food has high bio-availability. It also has increased vitamin D3 levels and increased calcium levels, but lowered phosphorus levels.

How Kidney Disease Compliant Food Helps Your Dog

While a healthy dog's kidneys can easily process high protein levels, a dog with kidney disease cannot. While protein is a necessary nutrient, it can literally poison a dog whose kidneys are too weak to process it. Kidney disease dog food has lower protein levels that do not put too much strain on your dog's kidneys.

The high bio-availability of the protein in kidney disease dog food means your dog's kidneys won't have to process extra waste. The increased vitamin D3 and calcium levels help support your dog's bone and kidney health. Lowered phosphorus levels are necessary to ensure your dog doesn't retain too much potassium.

Other Kidney Disease Diet Considerations

Since your dog will have a decreased appetite as a result of kidney disease, you'll need to make sure his kidney disease dog food is nutritionally concentrated. Also, stick to the kidney disease diet strictly and don't feed your dog any additional treats; these will only make his condition worse.